Africa Business & Social Change Fellowship


  • Gain experiences in business practices at local African organizations
  • Build local capacity in education, research, data collection & analysis, agriculture, public health, and natural resource management
  • Build your experience in international development
  • Travel to diverse geographical regions in Africa
  • Develop hands-on analytical and managerial experience
  • Write non-profit proposals and project reports
  • Attend professional development seminars
  • Shape young minds by teaching and tutoring in local education programs

Application Process

  • Seeking competitive university graduates (Bachelors, Masters, and PHD/Doctoral) and young professionals
  • Applications reviewed on ‘first-come-first-served’ rolling basis
  • Notification of advancement to round II within 10 business days of receipt of application


2019-2020 Fellowship Applications Closed

Receive an update for when the 2020-2021 fellowship applications open. Send an email to:

Email Subject: (Your Name) Africa Business & Social Change Fellowship Alert


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